ArtKabinet Zíka specializes in offering top-quality works from the fields of glass, porcelain, jewelry, silver, and other areas of applied art. We firmly believe that the art that surrounds us makes our lives richer and more enjoyable. For this reason, we have worked to build a space where you, too, will feel comfortable and where you can find inspiration the next time you are looking for a gift or a new item for your collection. Thanks to our experience and contacts, we can find the artwork that you are looking for or we can help you build an interesting interior full of inspiring objects. Put simply, we are a cabinet from which to choose treasures for your life.

Mgr. Miroslav Zíka is a graduate of the Department of Art History at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts. At an art historian, his specialization is on applied art, especially glass and porcelain.



6.eAukce ArtKabinet 17.2.2022
Kolekce vzácných knih ze sbírky Josefa Nováka v 5. eAukci dne 2. 12. 2021
4.eAukce 100 + 100 ArtKabinet 30.9.2021
Exponát července – Kubistická židle od Otakara Novotného
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